The science has been developed over a period of over 48 years by Dr Sofra's research, since its inventors, the electronic genius Dr Pollock and the esteemed London University professor Dr Gilbert started their empirical research in search of composing a neuro signal that is compatible with the central nervous system and can resonate with the Motor nerve. The Virtual Gym uses voltage (not electricity) to send a signal that is the blueprint of the body's motor nerves. The signal travels through the skin and is carried by the afferent nerves to the brain that orders the release of hormones and coordinates the body's motor nerves to cause a full body coordinated contraction as it occurs in the gym, in sports and in dancing.

Dr Gerry Pollock actually invented a signal that is the blueprint of the biological motor nerve signal. It is the VG's blueprint motor nerve that is carried to the brain by the afferent nerves. Before that happens the VG blueprint motor nerve signal is evaluated to determine its authenticity. If any signal is not in sync with the signalling network of the central nervous system it SHALL BE THROWN OUT of the system. 

Lets say you have a glove and a ball. The glove is the afferent nerves, the ball is the VG blueprint motor nerve signal. Now you put the balls (VG blueprint motor never signals) in the gloves (Efferent nerves) and you shoot to the brain. The brain will re-evaluate and confirm that the VG blueprint signals are authentic. Subsequently, it will shoot the VG blueprint signals via the efferent nerves and will initiate the full body contraction that is controlled by the motor nerves which is now multiplied by the resonance between the VG blueprint motor signals and the actual body motor signals resulting in a far more powerful and strenuous exercise hybrid that anyone has ever experienced during regular exercise. This process involves more hormonal release and a greater release of the fat contents which also contain STEM CELLS The body will eventually utilize these adipose tissue-contained stem cells to repair vital organs like the liver, kidneys etc -as it has been recently shown by research.  

The technology secret is how to create a blueprint that is a carbon copy of the body's motor nerve.  Two equal entities add onto each other forming a significantly more intense entity via resonance -- like when a boat crosses the water and results i larger and larger waves.When people say they want to lose weight, what they really mean is that they want to look sexy.  What is sexy? Sexy means Healthy and Energetic. This is what the Virtual Gym can do for you at ANY AGE!

The Virtual Gym results include:
1. SPEEDY Fitness 
2. Stamina / Potency / Core Strength
3. Hormonal Balance (self-empowerment )
5. Intense detox to increase metabolism & REDUCES HUNGER (the more toxic you are the more hungry you are!) 
6. NO FATTY LIVER - enhanced detox and systemic harmony
7. REDUCED VISCERAL FAT that wraps itself around and invades vital organs (you cannot feel strong and healthy if your vital organs are compromised!)
8. Sculpted /Athletic body.  SLIM WAIST / FLAT BELLY / REDUCED CELLULITE for the ladies.  
9. SIX PACKS for the gentlemen
We are offering complimentary training weekly for at least two months, Our goal is that you get the best possible results.  The Virtual Gym comes with all accessories and lifetime customer and technical support are also included with purchase. It has a one-year FULL WARRANTY and LIFETIME WARRANTY that excludes labour and shipping. The lifetime warranty covers EVERYTHING INSIDE the machine, the entire complex mechanism that creates the unlimited resolution signal that is uniquely capable of communicating with the brain.
We are bringing you the technology of tomorrow, today!  We continued and further advanced Dr Pollock’s 35 years of empirical research, and unveiled the most advanced technology, never experienced before in January 2022: The Virtual Gym 8888 FITNESS MAX!Type your paragraph here.

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The Virtual Gym 8888 FITNESS MAX is a Natural Health and Fitness accelerator, and visceral fat eliminator, that boosts your energy, balances your hormones, detoxes you, and REDUCES YOUR HUNGER.  In fact, it’s the only technology that decreases visceral fat with no rebound, on the basis of several well-documented published clinical research. 
One treatment with the Virtual Gym is worth one month in the gym because it exercises your body with a variety of 43,200 different exercises – weight lifting, resistance, flexibility, strength, endurance, aerobics, belly dancing, horse riding, etc. 

21 Clinical Trials (18 articles and one book published) have shown:
1. Visceral Adipose Tissue Decrease:  -43.8%
2. No fatty liver on Sonography Reports after 12 Tx

3. Muscle Mass Increase: 32.8%  (FItness and Health)
4.CRP decrease:   -37.88%  (Reduced Inflammation)

5. VLDL Decrease: -41.59%  (Bad Cholesterol)
6.Triglycerides Decrease:  -40.7%  (Reduced Fats)

7. Fasting Glucose Decrease:  -38.44%  (Diabetics) 

8. Postprandial Glucose Decrease:  -39.1%  (Diabetics) 

9. Fasting Insulin Decrease:   -41.8%  (Prediabetes)  

10. Postprandial Insulin Decrease: - 44.7%  (Prediabetes) 
11. HDL Increase:  +49.12%      (Good Cholesterol)

12.  BMR Increase: +91.5%   (Burns more Calories at Rest)

13. T3 Increase:   +40.78%   (Increased Metabolism)

14. IGF-1 Increase: +19.68% (Lipolysis, Muscle Mass, Collagen)

15. Cortisol Decrease: -18.42%    (Reduces Stress)
16. Testosterone Increase:  +42.23%  (Energy and Sexuality)
17. Leptin Increase:   +10.8%   (Reduces Hunger)

18. Ghrelin Decrease:  -7.35%    (Reduces Hunger)
19. Bilirubin Decrease:   -69.23%  (Decreased Toxicity)
20. Creatinine Decrease:   -19.67%  (Healthier Liver)21. Documented Energy Increase
All Hormonal values are within the normal range

The Virtual Gym is unlike  muscle stimulators that send short electrical pulses to individual muscles to get them to twitch -- around 20 electrical pulses per second— WITHOUT INVOLVING THE BRAIN or causing hormonal release.

Lasers, Radiofrequency (RF), or Plastic Surgery cannot touch the deeper visceral layers surrounding and invading our vital organs (e.g. fatty liver).  They are trauma-based, often highly inflammatory procedures that can cause permanent damage to our vital organs.  Unlike lasers or RF the Virtual Gym burns fat STEPWISE.  In other words, it burns as much subcutaneous and visceral fat as the body needs for energy used to produce muscle.  Lasers and RF burn fat indiscriminately throwing all the fat cells’ contents into the bloodstream thus threatening to clog our arteries. 

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