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The Virtual Gym 8888 FITNESS MAX is a Natural Health and Fitness accelerator, and visceral fat eliminator, that boosts your energy, balances your hormones, detoxes you, and REDUCES YOUR HUNGER.  In fact, it’s the only technology that decreases visceral fat with no rebound, on the basis of several well-documented published clinical research. 

One treatment with the Virtual Gym is worth one month in the gym because it exercises your body with a variety of 43,200 different exercises – weight lifting, resistance, flexibility, strength, endurance, aerobics… 

When people say they want to lose weight, what they really mean is that they want to look sexy.  What is sexy? Sexy means Healthy and Energetic. This is what the Virtual Gym can do for you at ANY AGE!
Unlike muscle stimulators that send short electrical pulses to individual muscles to get them to twitch -- around 20 electrical pulses per second—The Virtual Gym is handmade in the United Kingdom to emit a CNS compatible unlimited resolution signal that communicates with the brain. The Virtual Gym signal is delivered by voltage through the skin and is carried by the afferent nerves to the brain. The brain gives the order to the motor nerves to cause the FULL BODY TEN (10) Secs contraction of large coordinated muscles as it happens in regular strenuous exercise.  Muscle stimulators just slap small individual muscles and cause them to twitch, the way your face twitches and hurts when someone slaps you.   
One of the most important results of the Virtual Gym exercise process is that the brain releases and balances your hormones. The Virtual gym gives you a vigorous workout that the average person could never accomplish with a trainer because he/she would be beyond exhausted. 
The Virtual Gym results include:
1. SPEEDY Fitness 
2. Stamina / Potency / Core Strength
3. Hormonal Balance (self-empowerment )
5. Intense detox to increase metabolism & REDUCES HUNGER (the more toxic you are the more hungry you are!) 
6. NO FATTY LIVER - enhanced detox and systemic harmony
7. REDUCED VISCERAL FAT that wraps itself around and invades vital organs (you cannot feel strong and healthy if your vital organs are compromised!)
8. Sculpted /Athletic body.  SLIM WAIST / FLAT BELLY / REDUCED CELLULITE for the ladies.  
9. SIX PACKS for the gentlemen
We are offering complimentary training weekly for at least two months, Our goal is that you get the best possible results.  The Virtual Gym comes with all accessories and lifetime customer and technical support are also included with purchase. It has a one-year FULL WARRANTY and LIFETIME WARRANTY that excludes labour and shipping. The lifetime warranty covers EVERYTHING INSIDE the machine, the entire complex mechanism that creates the unlimited resolution signal that is uniquely capable of communicating with the brain.
We are bringing you the technology of tomorrow, today!  We continued and further advanced Dr Pollock’s 35 years of empirical research, and unveiled the most advanced technology, never experienced before in January 2022: The Virtual Gym 8888 FITNESS MAX!Type your paragraph here.

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The Virtual Gym 8888 Fitness Max is equivalent to 210 different gym exercises from body twists, to full body muscle contractions that last for 8 seconds, to fast-paced contractions like running or aerobics to slow long contractions like lifting weights, to body shakes like belly dancing.  It is as if you are magically transferred from the gym to the dance studio and back without lifting a finger... But the Virtual gym is not magic.  The science has been developed over a period of over 48 years since its inventors, the electronic genius Dr Pollock and the esteemed London University professor Dr Gilbert started their empirical research in search of composing a neuro signal that is compatible with the central nervous system which can carry it to the brain.  The full-body contractions, body twists, and fast-paced movements are mediated by the brain which is also involved in the release and balance of hormones, the energy increase, and the ultimately reinforced immunity

21 Clinical Trials (18 articles and one book published) are shown:
1. Visceral Adipose Tissue Decrease:  -43.8%
2. No fatty liver on Sonography Reports after 12 Tx

3. Muscle Mass Increase: 32.8%  (FItness and Health)
4.CRP decrease:   -37.88%  (Reduced Inflammation)

5. VLDL Decrease: -41.59%  (Bad Cholesterol)
6.Triglycerides Decrease:  -40.7%  (Reduced Fats)

7. Fasting Glucose Decrease:  -38.44%  (Diabetics) 

8. Postprandial Glucose Decrease:  -39.1%  (Diabetics) 

9. Fasting Insulin Decrease:   -41.8%  (Prediabetes)  

10. Postprandial Insulin Decrease: - 44.7%  (Prediabetes) 
11. HDL Increase:  +49.12%      (Good Cholesterol)

12.  BMR Increase: +91.5%   (Burns more Calories at Rest)

13. T3 Increase:   +40.78%   (Increased Metabolism)

14. IGF-1 Increase: +19.68% (Lipolysis, Muscle Mass, Collagen)

15. Cortisol Decrease: -18.42%    (Reduces Stress)
16. Testosterone Increase:  +42.23%  (Energy and Sexuality)
17. Leptin Increase:   +10.8%   (Reduces Hunger)

18. Ghrelin Decrease:  -7.35%    (Reduces Hunger)
19. Bilirubin Decrease:   -69.23%  (Decreased Toxicity)
20. Creatinine Decrease:   -19.67%  (Healthier Liver)21. Documented Energy Increase
All Hormonal values are within the normal range

Lasers, Radiofrequency (RF), or Plastic Surgery cannot touch the deeper visceral layers that surround and invade our vital organs (e.g. fatty liver).  They are trauma-based, often highly inflammatory procedures that can cause permanent damage to our vital organs.  Unlike lasers or RF the Virtual Gym burns fat STEPWISE.  In other words, it burns as much subcutaneous and visceral fat as the body needs for energy used to produce muscle.  Lasers and RF burn fat indiscriminately throwing all the fat cells’ contents into the bloodstream thus threatening to clog our arteries. 

Unlike lasers and RF, the Virtual Gym has proven on the basis of multiple clinical studies to significantly reduce visceral fat.  The Virtual Gym is safe, effortless with no side effects, 

Sure you can diet and go to the gym, but the gym is time and effort consuming and the effort is always greater than the gain.  Most people in their 50s cannot exercise strenuously without hurting their backs. Or they build muscle that bulges over their visceral fat deposits that were never worked off like in the picture below. The Virtual Gym is becoming a necessity for people over 45 years of age who need to burn their visceral fat, get fit, healthy and get six packs! The Virtual Gym is a strenuous exercise alternative for effortless fitness.

Moreover, shortly after starting a fitness program most people feel stuck because they eat less, they exercise but they cannot lose weight.  This “ceiling effect” is the result of toxins that are released from the fat cells along with the fatty acids and glycerol.  TOXINS INTERFERE WITH METABOLISM.  The Virtual Gym metabolizes fat and uses it as an energy source to builds muscle WHILE DETOXIFYING THE BODY TO INCREASE METABOLISM
We are convinced that this is the technology of the future.  Try it and you will be convinced too!

Please e-mail us at: science@iellios.com for more information or to upgrade your current technology!