Lasers and RF cannot reach deeper layers of visceral fat without damaging vital organs.  The According to clinical studies the Virtual Gym reduces about 30% of visceral fat after 12 treatments.There is clinical and experimental evidence on sonography reports of no fatty liver after Virtual Gym treatments in patients with severe obesity and fatty liver  

There is no rebound effect with the Virtual Gym.  Unlike lasers or RF where you always see a rebound effect. Fat burnt from the abdomen with lasers or RF is regained in the breasts or shoulders or legs. Several individuals end up with a distorted figure after lasers and RF.

The Virtual Gym offers a powerful detox reducing hunger -- because the more toxic you are the more hungry you are.   The toxicity problem that is overlooked in the use of lasers and RF.  Fat cells store toxins which are released into the bloodstream as a result of lasers and RF fat burning.  Unlike the Virtual Gym, lasers and RF have no mechanism to stimulate lymphatic drainage.  The resulting toxicity interferes with metabolism and the appetite hormones, increasing hunger and food consumption, hence the rebound effect with the lasers and RF.  

The Virtual Gym is health enhancing by increasing energy and balancing hormones.  On the other hand, the fat contents released into the bloodstream by laser and RF fat burning can clog up the arteries unless it's used by intense exercise following laser or RF treatments.

The Virtual gym involves the ENTIRE BODY as during regular physical exercises and offers a SUSTAINED 8 secs Contraction. Calories are burnt in significant amount only when most of the body is involved as during the Virtual Gym or physical exercise.   


EMS devices emit electrical pulses to target topical muscles causing reflex reactions that do not involve the brain.  EMS devices cause a calorie burning that is limited to the fat around superficial individual small muscles that marginal at best. 

EMS devices do not reach the visceral fat that is wrapped around or has invited vital organs because EMS devices emit current that even within the milliamp range could hurt vital organs.  
There is substantial evidence that the Virtual Gym induces both reduction of visceral and subcutaneous fat, increase in muscle mass and weight loss.   

Most EMS devices operate in the high milliamp range.  There is a lot of research starting with Cheng et al. in 1982 (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7140077) that at electrical intensities of over 1.5 milliamp ATP is depleted.  ATP is the energy currency used to sustain all vital bodily functions that safeguard our health.  
The Virtual Gym emits aVOLTAGE DRIVEN BLUEPRINT SIGNAL OF THE MOTOR NERVE.  The minuscule current generated on the basis of Ohm's law is negligible and cannot be measured.


 The technology is hand-made in the UK, without any digital components, to emit an unlimited resolution voltage driven signal. It is classified as IEC class I according to IEC60601-1 standard, and it is used with 3-pin din and 4-pin din IEC 60601-1 compliant cables. It has a CE marketing directive of Class I with electromagnetic compatibility regulations applied standards EN50081-1 and EN50082-1. It complies with the EEC UK directive of electrical equipment safety applied standard EN 60601-1. The technology has had no known side effects in the past 20 years that it has been used in clinical practice by over 5,430 physicians and aesthetic practitioners. The only contraindication, according to the FDA, is having an implanted device like a pacemaker. The main caution is pregnancy. Adverse reactions are limited to temporary skin redness from the pads that occurs sporadically and usually dissipates within an hour. Earlier versions of this technology based on the same electronic design have FDA clearance numbers K132158 and K132179.       ​