LAVALEN is the ONLY place in Indonesia with the next-generation, groundbreaking technology invented at London University.  LV 5000, LV IREPAIR and LV Pro which was launched in January 2020, this next-generation device, LV Pro Signature has the technology of tomorrow, offered to you today.  During the LV 5000 and LV Pro treatments and while performing the different gym and dance exercises you feel like you are going from the gym to the dance studio and back without moving in just 45 minutes!  Eight Reinforced Lymphatic Drainage complex waveforms Simultaneous with fat burning.  Eight Reinforced Complex waveforms for Visceral Fat. Reinforced Complex Waveforms for deeper muscle.

Repair Stretchmarks, Keloid scars, acne, rosacea and a variety of other skin conditions with the LV IREPAIR SKIN Special Edition.  Are you looking for healthy skin that is younger-looking, softer, radiant, plumper?  The LV IREPAIR SKIN technology offers virtually instant lasting results with no side effects with a relaxing treatment where you feel hardly anything.


LV IREPAIR SKIN offers a facial V-shape, lifting the upper eyelid and thickening the delicate tissue under the eyes.  The LV IREPAIR relaxing treatment can repair all layers of skin offering a natural youthful glow.  It was developed out of molecular biology & cellular regeneration research initiated in London and Cambridge Universities. The Nobel prize in Chemistry 2015 was given to Tomas Lindahl (UK), Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar (USA) for postulating how cells repair damaged DNA.   The Nobel Prizes in 1998 & 1999 in Physiology or Medicine proved that cells communicate through a complex biological network.  The breakdown of this cellular network is the result of aging and several skin disorders such as acne and rosacea as well as keloid scars and stretchmarks.  The LV IREPAIR signals fill in broken biosignals reinstating the integrity of the cellular network. Do you suffer from Chronic Pain?  NO problem! The LV IREPAIR offers fast pain relief within three treatments.  Recent Research has demonstrated enhanced sensation and comfort after IREPAIR vaginal rejuvenation procedures.  Find more by clicking the link below:


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LV 5000 & LV Pro Signature

You can either spend a year or two in the gym, or you can get our Speed Fitness and Energy Boost in one month with the LV Pro and LV 5000 groundbreaking new technology.  Flat belly for ladies, Six-packs for gentlemen.  Get fast, painless effortless weight loss & fitness that balances your hormones, plus a vigorous detox and a long-lasting energy boost.   

Gerry Pollock’s brilliant invention from London University has given us an alternative to exercise, for those who cannot or unwilling to exercise.  It offers enhanced fitness and burns fat in both subcutaneous and deep visceral fat areas.   It is the only technology that can target and reduce the deepest visceral fat areas like those that end us invade our liver causing "fatty liver". 

The LV Pro and LV 5000 offers a full muscle contraction of the entire body controlled by the brain, unlike muscle stimulators that cause topical muscle reflexes.   You perform 144 virtual gym and dance exercises, 1000 times with vigorous whole-body contractions that last for 8 seconds.   No one in the world can maintain 8 seconds contractions 1000 times while lifting weights or sit-ups or body twists, etc and all that within 45 minutes. So a grand-mom or a grand-dad can work out effortlessly at a rate higher than that of famous professional athletes who have invested a lifetime in the gym.  One treatment is worth over a month in the gym.  You lose from 4 to 10 cm average in one spot in one treatment and spend over 5,000 - 8,000 calories in one treatment!   

The LV Pro / LV 5000 technology was built after 35 years of London University lab research to be compatible with the Central Nervous System (CNS), triggering waves of motor nerve signals that travel via the CNS to reach the brain.  As part of its normal process, the brain orders the secretion of enough hormones necessary to burn subcutaneous and visceral fat as an energy source to build muscle, increase energy and wellbeing.  Since the Virtual Gym is effortless there is no energy expenditure, no fatigue, no oxygen depletion, hence no lactic acid & no lactic acidosis. Increased energy, balanced hormones, a younger healthier slender body with no fatty liver.  There are no contraindications other than pregnancy and pacemaker and no side effects.  However, if you have a medical or mental disorder you should always consult with your doctor before taking any treatment.


My 27 years of experience will always bring you the next generation technology for results you never believed were possible.  I upgraded my brand to LAVALEN to break though with the science of tomorrow, today! 
No rebound.  No side effects.  
I want to empower women.
You can select from a large menu of exclusive V.I.P packages to look ageless, stunning, unforgettable.
Flat stomach for women.
No Stretch marks - Get ready for your bikini!
Six packs for men. 
Plus: High Energy, Fitness, Detox, Health, Balance.  
I give both men and women confidence at any age.  

Lina Sasmito