Virtual Gym 8000 - Fitness & Energy: ​High Speed Effortless Workout

You can either spend a year or two in the gym, or you can get our Speed Fitness and Energy Boost in one month with the Virtual Gym groundbreaking technology.  Flat belly for ladies, Six-packs for gentlemen.  It's the only technology that works on visceral fat on the basis on several well documented published clinical studies (for more information click on the links above).

You experience  8 seconds full musculature contractions that involve your entire body in a coordinated fashion as during vigorous physical training.  You perform what is equivalent to one thousand stress and resistance exercises that suddenly turn into flexibility body twists, and then alternate into fast-paced aerobics.  Results include sustainable visceral and subcutaneous fat reduction, enhanced fitness, and inhibition of cravings for sweets and fatty foods. As a result of the appetite regulatory effects, eliminated fat, and increased muscle mass, the Virtual Gym results do not rebound.

The technology was developed and build in London University after 32 years of empirical electronic and molecular biology research on motor nerves by Gerald Pollock, one of the co-inventors of the first pacemaker, and Donald Gilbert, a molecular biology London University Professor who empirically researched and composed the blueprint of the motor nerve signal. Initially it was meant to replace the signal of the motor nerve in multiple sclerosis, the way you replace the signal of the pacemaker cells when your heart stops with a pacemaker.  This motor nerve blueprint signal is voltage driven hunting and resonating with the motor nerves of your body.  Because the motor nerves are involved with the central nervous system, the sensory nerves carry the motor nerve signal to the brain.  The brain integrates the signal interpreting it as physical movement, and the release of hormones involved in exercise are released as the brain sends the integrated signal back to the motor nerves to cause a full body eight seconds vigorous contraction.  The device emits twenty-four complex composites of the motor blue print signal, that are interpreted by the brain as different types of exercises as indicated by the very different types of contractions (e.g. deep contractions, intense twists and shakes) that the body goes through each Virtual Gym treatment.   Each of the 24 twenty-four complex composites is synthesised by up to four thousand sub-waveforms on the basis of a proprietary formula that was developed empirically by its researchers,  by recording reactions on individual nerves. 

The Virtual Gym blueprint signals resonate and excite the nervous system, orchestrating the body's response to gymnastics but without the effort, the fatigue or the painful next day effects of overtraining, since there is no lactic acid involvement with this alternative to exercise. 

The Virtual Gym comes with all accessories and Life Warranty that excludes labor and shipping.

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Launched in April 2021, this next generation device, Virtual Gym 888, Fitness & Energy has the technology of tomorrow, offered to you today.  Modern pearl white cube with sparkles and gold laser print.  The entire device lights up when turned on.  The device exercises you with body twists and shakes, then deep long full musculature contractions that involve the entire body's musculature, as if you are lifting weights, jumping or dancing.  Many describe the experience as being virtually transferred from the gym to the dance studio, and back to the gym, performing a series of vigorous gymnastics.  It offers eight varieties of lymphatic drainage body massages, twelve types of subcutaneous fat and superficial muscle workouts, eight visceral fat reduction trainings, and twelve deeper muscle workouts.  Subcutaneous and visceral fat gymnastics are combined to form what is equivalent to 144 exercises performed one thousand times within one hour.  One treatment is estimated to be equivalent to a month in the gym, because it would take that long to perform one thousand exercises without a break.  In one treatment you lose from 4 to 10 cm average in one spot within one hour, which is what you would probably lose if you burnt  up to 8,000 calories.