Launched in January 2020, this next generation device, Virtual Gym 8000, Fitness & Energy has the technology of tomorrow, offered to you today.  Modern new attractive design, pearl white with pearlescent labels. Labeling with more detailed instructions to standardize operation.  During the treatment and while performing the different gym and dance exercises you feel like you are going from the gym to the dance studio and back without moving in just 45 minutes!  With all the benefits of the Virtual Gym 5000 plus Additional hardware to control optimum signal delivery for greater compatibility with the Central Nervous System is smoother, more comfortable and more effective than all the other previous models.  Separate design for 1-8 channels requiring additional crafting on the microphone cables.  Twenty four Complex Waveforms Upgraded for greater tuning, greater inch loss and longer lasting results.  Eight Reinforced Lymphatic Drainage complex waveforms Simultaneous with fat burnin.  Eight Reinforced Complex waveforms for Visceral Fat . Reinforced Complex Waveforms for deeper muscle.  

Virtual Gym - Fitness & Energy: ​High Speed Effortless Workout

You can either spend a year or two in the gym, or you can get our Speed Fitness and Energy Boost in one month with the Virtual Gym groundbreaking new technology.  Flat belly for ladies, Six-packs for gentlemen.  Get fast, painless effortless inch loss, powerful detox & fitness that balances your hormones.  The Virtual Gym increased blood circulation, it shapes you up and gives you a vigorous energy boost enhancing your wellbeing.  

Gerry Pollock’s brilliant invention from London University has given us an alternative to exercise, for those who cannot or unwilling to exercise.  It offers enhanced fitness and burns fat in both subcutaneous and deep visceral fat areas.   It is the only technology that can target and reduce the deepest visceral fat that invades our liver causing the  "fatty liver". 

The Virtual Gym offers a full muscle contraction of the entire body controlled by the brain, unlike EMS electrical devices that cause topical muscle reflexes.   You perform 144 virtual gym and dance exercises, 1000 times with vigorous whole body contractions that last for 8 seconds.   No one in the world can maintain 8 seconds contractions 1000 times while lifting weights or doing sit-ups or body twists, etc and all that within 45 minutes. So a grand-mom or a grand-dad can work out effortlessly at a rate higher than that of famous professional athletes who have invested a lifetime in the gym.  One treatment is worth over a month in the gym.  You lose from 4 to 10 cm average in one spot in one treatment and spend up to  8,000 calories.    

The Virtual Gym was built after 35 years of London University lab research to be compatible with the Central Nervous System (CNS), triggering waves of motor nerve signals that travel via the CNS to reach the brain.  As part of its normal process, the brain orders the secretion of enough hormones necessary to burn subcutaneous and visceral fat as an energy source to build muscle, increase energy and wellbeing.  Since the Virtual Gym is effortless there is no energy expenditure, no fatigue, no oxygen depletion, hence no lactic acid & no lactic acidosis. Increased Energy, balanced hormones, a younger healthier slender body with no fatty liver.  No contraindications other than pregnancy and pacemaker and no side effects.